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Tacos de Camarones con Queso y Chile de Arbol | Ole Rico

Tacos de camarones con queso y chile de árbol

Whether you celebrate the beginning of lent, are trying to reduce your meat consumption, or just love seafood, shrimp recipes are always a good and yummy idea. If we had to choose an easy cooking protein choice we would pick shrimp over chicken any time. They go so well together with tortillas and it’s so easy to just wrap them up and be done with it. 

For this recipe, we were feeling fancy so we decided to add cheese and avocado to the mix.  We seasoned our shrimp with Chile de Arbol slices and we also made a creamy chipotle salsa to add even more flavor. The result was an exquisite lunch idea that we'll be making for the rest of the week. Enjoy!

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